Marketplace Exchange

Building the future marketplace for the hospitality and travel industry to be more flexible, fast-paced, and secure through our centralized platform.
Marketplace Exchange


A token is a digital contract that is temporary in nature and comes with a unique identification code. It is established between authorized users and PayDocker and is authenticated using blockchain technology. Tokens are created for a specific transaction or a group of transactions, and have a limited validity period and a predefined amount.
Enhanced security through encryption and tokenization techniques.
Improved convenience by streamlining the transaction process.
Eliminates fees associated with traditional intermediaries, and reduces administrative overheads.
Marketplace Exchange


Objects in the Marketplace are images uniquely generated and validated using blockchain technology. It is to represent the service that you provide and sell it to your customer. Essentially, it means that you are selling your services. The sale of your Object indicates that the service has been successfully provided and paid for.
It enables suppliers to reach a wider audience and increase their visibility to potential customers.
Reducing their dependence on traditional channels.
By using the virtual marketplace Object, suppliers can also streamline their distribution processes
Marketplace Exchange

Smart Contracts

Our innovative transaction approach eliminates lengthy email exchanges, prevents misunderstandings, and prioritizes accuracy, legitimacy, convenience, and usability for all parties involved.

We automate various processes, such as verifying the authenticity of parties involved, executing transactions, and enforcing contractual terms. Eliminating the need for intermediaries.
Smart contracts are immutable, meaning terms of the contract are followed and prevent any tampering with the contract.
Providing a secure and transparent environment where both parties could decide how fees are paid, which will improve trust, and reduce the risk of disputes and fraud.
Marketplace Exchange

Kill-Bill Vol.3

We provide a more efficient and streamlined way to manage bookings and generate invoice payments. By automating the process, businesses can save time and reduce errors, while providing a more convenient and transparent experience for all parties involved.

Smart Data Entry

Ease your data entry and secure your accounting from data duplications, reduce back-and-forth emailing, and improve approval time.

Automate Booking and Invoice Processes

Reducing errors lowers the risk of disputes and chargebacks throughout the entire process.

Data Central

Centralizing data invoices in a secure repository, easily accessible anytime, reducing audit preparation time.

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