Master Orchestration

Optimize travel industry payment processes across providers, currencies, and countries that maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

Payment Orchestration

A system that acts as a centralized aggregator hub for managing and processing financial transactions between different parties. It provides a single point of integration between various payment gateways.


Wide Aggregator

We give greater accessibility and convenience to consumers and merchants alike in the global travel industry.

Smart Routing

We centralized access to multiple payment providers and gateways that leverage the strengths of each provider and optimize payment processing based on factors such as transaction size, currency, and location.

Security Detection

Our payment orchestrators offer advanced security features such as fraud detection and encryption, which help reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and protect sensitive customer data.

Reconciliation, Settlement, Clearing

We give greater accessibility and convenience to consumers and merchants alike in the global travel industry.

Customise Check-out Page

Through customization, it can improve branding, cart abandonment rates, increase sales opportunities, and acquire customer insights.

Data Analytics & 

Advanced reporting and analytics features, providing businesses with real-time insights into their payment processing performance, optimizing their operations, and making data-driven decisions.

Master Merchant

PayDocker’s Master Merchant Services offers a centralized platform for managing payout, inventory payments, and other business operations. This technology is particularly useful for travel businesses that operate as a platform or agencies, where they need to manage payments for international suppliers. We are here to help you to collect  and maximize your profit.


Vendors Payment

We help merchants to pay their suppliers and vendors more efficiently, securely, and accurately in order to maintain a good relationship with them.

Money Collection

We make your money collection easy, as we know how essential it is for merchants to cover expenses and invest for business growth.

Volume Combined

PayDocker, being responsible for handling transactions for numerous customers, has the ability to negotiate discounts based on the volume of transaction processes.

Customize Experience

Customized experiences can help merchants to build stronger connections with customers, provide merchants with valuable data on customer behavior, and help merchants to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Streamline Payments

Manage payments from international customers to multiple sub-merchants on a single platform, simplifying payment processing and reducing the need for manual intervention

Transparent Fee and 
Currency Conversion

Our service helps businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need for currency conversions or third-party services during the payout operation

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